IJCA Editorial Board Members

Jeannie Dyer (England)
Jeannie Dyer has been massaging people with cancer since 1992. She has a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Human Communication Studies. She qualified as a massage therapist in 1992, and as an aromatherapist in 1993, since when she has undertaken further study in this field. She is the Complementary Therapy Team Leader at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, a specialist cancer hospital, as part of a team of four aromatherapists using essential oils and massage to help alleviate the symptoms caused by cancer itself or the effects of its treatments.

Susan Cleary (Australia)
Susan Cleary runs a busy natural therapies clinic, works part time as an aromatherapist in nursing homes and through her own natural therapies college, teaches courses in aromatherapy and remedial massage. In her aromatherapy clinic, Susan specialises in pain management and pregnancy massage, while her nursing home work focuses on dementia, frail and palliative care.
Susan has been actively involved in the Australian branch of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) as a member of the Federal Council and currently is a member of the education sub-committee.

Naho Maruyama (Japan)
Naho studied aromatherapy in England several years ago. As a pharmacist, she found the holistic approach of aromatherapy was very refreshing, especially after having worked for a Japanese pharmaceutical company for seven years. It was during that period that she became interested in the clinical and scientific aspects of aromatherapy.
Upon her return to Japan, she worked at a Chinese herbal medicine pharmacy as well as at an aromatherapy school as tutor and maintaining her own private aromatherapy practice. For the past two years she has been working at Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology; one of Japan’s leading research centres. Along with other colleagues, she conducts research into various aspects of mycoses. Her group has been working on the effects of essential oils against inflammation and fungal infections, and two papers have been recently published.

Dr Sandi Nye (South Africa)
Sandi, a multi-registered practitioner, started her health career as a nurse and midwife before moving on to medical research. She holds qualifications and statutory registrations in naturopathy, ayurveda; therapeutic aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapy plus training and qualifications in a number of other complementary health modalities. She has been an educator in health sciences and aromatherapeutics since the early 90s, as well as a writer, reviewer and editor on many topics, and for a variety of publications. Sandi is a well-known aromatherapy pioneer and political lobbyist with particular reference to the successful statutory recognition process of allied health professions in South Africa. She is a well- respected trainer at higher education level, as well as a leader in the field of aromatherapeutic training for socially and visually disabled African women and men. Sandi has been active for over a decade in establishing Aroma-Care community outreach programmes particularly in TB, Cancer and HIV/AIDS. She was an active member of the Association of Aromatherapists Southern Africa [AOASA – now closed], serving as national chairperson for many years. Sandi currently serves as consultant to the AromaForum.

Pat Antoniak (British Columbia)
Pat Antoniak is a Registered Nurse and Registered Aromatherapist in Vancouver, Canada. She has both a diploma and degree in nursing and has worked as a staff nurse, unit manager, research assistant and nursing instructor. Currently, she focuses on psychological counseling, management of chronic health challenges and health education. Her original training was through the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and advanced training from Valerie Worwood and Dr. Vivian Lunny. She also has training in several energetic and somatic therapies. In private practice as a nurse-aromatherapist for almost 10 years, her focus is mind-body-spirit integration. She has developed and taught an aromatherapy practitioner course at a local college for several years. Pat is past-president of the BC Alliance of Aromatherapy and a past board member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.

Beverley de Valois (England)
Beverley graduated from the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in 1994. After working with people with HIV/Aids at the Complementary Healthcare Trust (CHT) in London, she focused on working with people living with cancer. Until 2003, she was the part-time aromatherapist for the hospital-based Macmillan Palliative Care and Oncology team at the North Middlesex University Hospital.
Upon qualifying as a licensed acupuncturist in 1998, Beverley developed an interest in research, and sits on the British Acupuncture Council Research Committee. She is the Research Acupuncturist at the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, where she conducts research into using acupuncture to manage the side effects of breast cancer treatment. She is also a senior lecturer in the Centre for Complementary Healthcare and Integrated Medicine at Thames Valley University in London, where she is registered as a PhD student. She has a private practice, which specialises in complementary healthcare for women.

Rhiannon Harris (France)
Rhiannon has been in the field of aromatherapy since 1989, before which she qualified and worked as a nurse, specializing in the Intensive Care environment. Her studies in England, America and France include both holistic and medical aromatherapy approaches as well as other complementary health modalities. Currently living in Provence with husband Bob, she organises basic and advanced level study programs concerning essential oils and aromatherapy and is known for her evidence-based approach to practice and teaching. She travels widely in her work, combining essential oil chemistry and research with effective treatment strategies.

Patricia (Trisha) Dunning (Australia)
Trisha combines her qualifications in nursing and aromatherapy with her skills as researcher, author and teacher. Her work as an aromatherapist began in 1997 upon qualification at the Australian School of Awareness in Melbourne. She is an active promoter of the benefits of aromatherapy in the clinical environment and is currently conducting research into aromatherapy massage and the pain of diabetic neuropathy. She is also a prolific writer; with over fourteen articles published in the aromatherapy, nursing and medical press. She is currently lecturer at the University of Melbourne in the Therapeutic Medication Management Module and has been instrumental in the development of guidelines for the use of complementary therapies in nursing and midwifery. She works at the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Saint Vincent’s Health Melbourne.

Dr Dominique Baudoux (Belgium)
Dominique Baudoux is an experienced pharmacist and aromatologist, specialising in aromatic interventions. He is a renowned international lecturer, head of the ‘Ecole Française d’Aromatherapie’and manager of an essential oil company. His teaching conveys his professionalism, passion and dynamic approach to using essential oils. He is also author of five books, co-author of three others plus editor of three publications including the NARD Aroma News, a regular newsletter publication combining scientific and holistic approaches to using essential oils. He is also director of the book collection ‘Douces Alternatives’